Italian Quarter

A high-end residential complex
4 Fadeyeva St., Moscow
Parcel area: 2.45 ha
Building area: 9,500 square meters
Total area of grounds surrounding the buildings: 1.5 ha
The Italian Quarter complex is a unique project. Though still in the construction phase, it has garnered a great deal of attention owing to its distinct architecture. A work of art intended to stand for centuries, it offers absolute harmony, comfort and security.
The Italian Quarter complex consists of seven buildings divided into sections of varying numbers of storeys. The buildings are arranged as if to form an amphitheater around an imaginary stage with a bell tower at the center. The radii of the buildings spread out like a fan, the buildings rising in step fashion.
The Italian Quarter complex is located 2 km from the Kremlin. Within a few minutes’ walking distance are Tverskaya Street and Mayakovskaya metro station. Within a minute’s walking distance are several parks: Yekaterinsky, Miussky, Children’s Park on Delegatskaya, and Hermitage Park.


Italian Quarter has modern utilities, club service and developed infrastructure—everything you would expect in a modern high-end housing development.

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